Turkish Trio


Trio complete. Sweet, subtle and indulgent with a dash of exotic spice that’ll have you heading back for seconds. Succumb to the cravings with this Fudgemental Turkish Delight Trio!

Additional Information

Turkish Trio Vegan Fudge

This decadent gluten-free medley of chocolate, pistachio and Turkish delight is a delightful combination of flavours that will grant you heart’s desire. Sink your teeth into the exquisite 55% Belgian chocolate before the sweetness of a creamy trio of pineapple, orange and lime Turkish delight takes over with a whispered hint of oranges as it reaches its discovery down to layer two where pineapple adds a smooth touch and a lime zesty flavor. It’s no wonder this fudge sets a new standard in indulgence!

Tasting Notes

Fresh, vivid flavours – a medley of Turkish delight with chocolate and wine.

  • Chocolate moves quickly to roasted pistachio, followed by Turkish Delight
  • The delicate Turkish flavours of pineapple, orange & lime connect with the delicate flavours these two wines are famous for.

Wine Pairing Suggestion

The tales of a Turkish adventure will come alive – its colours, flavors and richness. With the Fudgemental Turkish Trio you’ll enjoy an exotic combination of Belgian chocolate with dry roasted pistachios, paired with lime, pineapple and orange Turkish Delight pieces, it wonderfully compliments both these wines.

  • Marsanne
  • Rosé

How to Taste with Wine

Taste the wine before and after the chocolate to compare.

  • Taste the wine.
  • Taste the chocolate & as the flavours develop…
  • Taste the wine & reaccess the wine.

Why Does it Work?

  • Without dairy, flavours carried by the chocolate are pure.
  • Chocolate falls away quickly leaving the flavour reflections to engage with the wine.
  • Our flavours reveal in sequence, just like wine reveals it’s own qualities slowly.

Nutritional Information

Store below 20C –  Refrigerate after opening

Allergen Information

Contains Soy
May contain traces of milk
May contain traces of tree nuts

Turkish Trio Vegan Fudge Ingredients

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