When a dream becomes a passion.

Fudgemental fudge is soft premium chocolate utilising the finest Belgian couverture to satisfy the adult palate. Our products are proudly vegan, and all flavours gluten-free except for a cheeky Stout & Fig!

We work beside local vintners and distillers to better understand their craft. Our obsession with flavour engagement has led us to observe sensory awareness, flavour sequencing and other behaviours. Together we have lifted a traditional wine tasting to become an extraordinary experience.

We proudly support regional small businesses that strive to make a difference and add value to their communities.
Customers adore the quality of our products and how we showcase mother nature’s beautiful flavours.

We recognise we are different.

We create with passion.


Our flavours are inspired by Canberra region cool climate wines produced by awarded master winemakers. Our approach is simple – curated flavours from Mother Nature that herald the beauty, balance and character of a wine. Every wine is unique; every vintage has a new story.

We have recently worked with local distillers, and this journey began after working with a Japanese distillery. The approach here is entirely different to that of wine pairing. We have been thrilled with the results thus far, be it gin, whiskey or infused spirit variants. Simply put, it’s a privilege to be trusted and work beside these creators.