Scorched Almond


Ooh, this fudge is smoldering! Fudgemental Scorched Almond Fudge offers the perfect balance of vegan chocolate fudge.

Additional Information

Scorched Almond Vegan Fudge

Our Scorched Almond Fudge will not disappoint! This deliciously decadent fudge beautifully compliments red wines. It’s crunchy roasted almonds lend a delightful texture with every bite. Creamy Vegan fudge meets guilt-free scorched almonds for a sweet and savory pairing. Raw almonds are roasted, and blended with 55% Belgian Chocolate to create our signature Fudgemental Scorched Almond Fudge, the smoky flavours will delight in every bite as you indulge in this delectable fudge!

Tasting Notes

The 55% chocolate presence is only noted briefly as the scorched almond flavours move quickly on the palate sitting on each side and front ½ of the tongue.  The smoked, burn and roasted flavours are signature for this chocolate, and when combined with a delicate well balanced red wine. The flavours of this fudge demand your attention.

Pairing Suggestion

The chocolate is bold and the wine has a delicate balance. This brings out the best in both products, bringing together their flavours to make something truly special.

  • Chilled Brindabella Hills Shiraz Nouveau

How to Taste with Wine

Taste the wine before and after the chocolate to compare.

  • Taste the wine.
  • Taste the chocolate & as the flavours develop…
  • Taste the wine & reassess the wine.

Why Does it Work?

  • Without dairy, flavours carried by the chocolate are pure.
  • Chocolate falls away quickly leaving the flavour reflections to engage with the wine.
  • Our flavours reveal in sequence, just like wine reveals it’s own qualities slowly.

Nutritional Information

Allergen Information

Contains Almond, Soy
May contain traces of milk and/or tree nuts.

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