Out-Stout’n Fig


Delicate barley, with a smooth finish that complements the dark chocolate. Fudgemental has handcrafted Out-Stout’n Fig for palate purists and stout lovers alike – ready to be enjoyed on its own, or paired with your favorite drink Rum, Shiraz or Whiskey.


Additional Information

Out-Stout’n Fig Vegan Fudge

Full bodied. Flavorful. Deliciously indulgent. The name says it all.
This is Fudgemental Out-Stout’n Fig fudge — an intense dark chocolate experience in every bite, with a deep fruity caramel flavor reminiscent of Guinness, with just enough bitterness. It might be stout for some, but once its gone, we know you’ll crave more!

Tasting Notes

A mouth watering treat perfect for indulging. A rich 70% Belgian chocolate with delicate plum, and fig flavors. Hops-like bitterness from the barley and fruity tang from the figs combines with a rich Stout reduction culminating in an explosively flavorful chocolaty experience, an explosive flavor that is at once bitter from barley and sweetness of figs combines to become a temptation like no other! Ensuring you will be back for more time after time.

  • The chocolate carries barley gently into the mouth.
  • Barley cleanses the mouth, also reduces the sweetness of the chocolate.
  • Barley is the 1st caramel from Mother Nature, Fig is the 2nd.
  • The Barley and Fig connects with the red fruit and plum characters.

Pairing Suggestions

We know beer is good, but did you know it’s also delicious in chocolate? This out-of-this-world Out-Stout’n Fig will blow your mind. We suggest you try this fudge with:

  • Rum
  • Shiraz
  • Whiskey

How to Taste with Wine

Taste the wine before and after the chocolate to compare.

  • Taste the wine.
  • Taste the chocolate & as the flavours develop…
  • Taste the wine & reaccess the wine.

Why Does it Work?

  • Without dairy, flavours carried by the chocolate are pure.
  • Chocolate falls away quickly leaving the flavour reflections to engage with the wine.
  • Our flavours reveal in sequence, just like wine reveals it’s own qualities slowly.

Nutritional Information

Allergen Information

Contains Soy, Sulphites, Barley Malt, Hops.
May contain traces of milk.

Out-Stout’n Fig Vegan Fudge Ingredients

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