Espresso Pear


Little pleasures are meant for every day, and our Espresso Pear is just that. Every bite explodes with fresh flavour. The velvety chocolate introduces you to a new coffee bean experience with espresso crema gently building in your mouth, melding subtly with flavours of pear before it’s signature dark roasted notes surface.

Additional Information

Espresso Pear Vegan Fudge

Full bodied, smooth, and velvety rich. When you take a bite into fudge that is as much about espresso as it is about pear you know something special has just happened.

Tasting Notes

Dark and deep, this fudge should not be approached lightly. So take your time to explore everything it has to offer- rich chocolate that slowly builds with a signature crema behind the espresso bean. Dried Pear awakens you back from total indulgence as plum and cherry release their flavours into an intense, unforgettable experience.

  • The chocolate introduces the coffee bean to the mouth delicately like velvet.
  • The espresso builds slowly, it surrounds the mouth with a signature crema.
  • Dried hand cut pear brings you back to earth, as the crema continues to meld with the flavours of plum and cherry.

Wine Pairing Suggestions

  • Merlot
  • Shiraz
  • Syrah

How to Taste with Wine

Taste the wine before and after the chocolate to compare.

  • Taste the wine.
  • Taste the chocolate & as the flavours develop…
  • Taste the wine & reaccess the wine.

Why Does it Work?

  • Without dairy, flavours carried by the chocolate are pure.
  • Chocolate falls away quickly leaving the flavour reflections to engage with the wine.
  • Our flavours reveal in sequence, just like wine reveals it’s own qualities slowly.

Nutritional Information

Espresso Pear Nutritional Information

Allergen Information

Contains Soy, Sulphites.
May contain traces of milk.

Espresso Pear Vegan Fudge Ingredients

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